Heidi Klum new face of global beauty brand ASTOR

Supermodel Heidi Klum

German supermodel Heidi Klum has teamed up with Coty Beauty brand as the new face and artistic advisor for the global beauty brand ASTOR. A life-long lover of ASTOR, Heidi Klum reveals, “I’m thrilled to be part of the ASTOR family! ASTOR has such a long and strong heritage and continues to create innovative products with great colors and textures. I look forward to bringing my experiences in fashion and beauty to my new role.”

“My entire childhood, I was surrounded by makeup. My father worked as the marketing director for 4711, a cosmetics company in Germany, for 20 years. He would always bring home testers of lipsticks, eye shadows and perfumes. I absolutely loved it — I started wearing makeup and experimenting with beauty products way too early,” says  the multi-talented Heidi who is also a television host and producer, actress and fashion designer.

Heidi was raised in Bergisch Gladbach, by her  father, Günther, a cosmetics-company executive, and Erna, a hairdresser. Klum has been on the cover of fashion magazines, including VogueELLE and Marie Claire and has hosted the 2002, 2006, 2007 and 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

She lives with her singer husband SEAL and their four children.



The growing culture of crib shops in Kampala

What’s rocking in Kampala right now are the ‘crib shops’ that are becoming a fashion conscious’ sista’s paradise. Yes you got it, shops operated from one’s cribs.  Many fashionistas back in Uganda should thank the growing numbers of Kampalans trying to make that extra cash by stocking up on sales items or unique stuff they see on their trips abroad. Ergo, its a common sight to find a sista down here in a dress off the hook at a store in the US or Europe.  The accesories below are also from a sista with a crib shop.  More of such will be featured soon.  To all crib shop onwers, here is a chance to showcase what you have – send in photos of  5 of your items and we will put them right here on fashion central.

Phoenix Necklace

Black and gold earrings

Leafy earrings

Green shell necklace


This year’s New York fashion week, held last week at the

Beyonce/ House of Dereon launch latest collections

The House of Dereon has released the look book and promo pictures for their Spring/Summer 2010 line, all showcased by Beyonce.

This green dress is simply irresistible!

Beyonce sizzles in this biker girl-meets-punk-meets-uber chic piece

The current face of fashion says bright, spunky colours.

The SATC ladies rev it up again

So SATC2 was hyped a little more than it deserved. But our fashion icons did not disappoint us one bit with Carrie in her Manolo Blahniks (as usual), Charlotte in her lady ensemble with bow ties, Miranda and Samantha either. Big in their closets were flowerpins and stilletos. The fashion? Daring, Sassy, Chic. That’s our verdict, watch it and let us know what you think.

The cover of the second installment of SATC ladies, what better sneak preview of what’s to fashion!

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